Thursday, March 24, 2011

What a Day

We got two inches of snow last night. Thick heavy snow, a bit icy.

It took me ten minutes to scrape off enough of my car to drive this morning. Nasty ice. I broke both the windshield wipers (one seriously, one minorly) trying to extricate them.

Roads were bad. Real bad; worst I've ever driven. Slushy and wet, and slippery.

There were at least two accidents in Ledyard this morning. One was a car that flipped over; I don't know the details. The other I saw the aftermath of - on a big wide curve in the road, there were a few emergency vehicles, and taillights. A car had gone off the road and into an eight-foot ditch. Apparently a fellow senior.

Last I heard was no one seriously hurt. Which is good. But those accidents shouldn't happen at all.

But did we get a delay in school opening? Nope.

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