Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shipping Up to Boston

I'm heading up to Boston tomorrow to shadow a student at Boston University, one of the colleges I'm considering attending. The actual visit isn't terribly long, but it promises to be an interesting day.

Due to timing, I'll actually be taking the Acela Express up to Boston. It's very cool, and capable of 150 mph in a few sections in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. True high-speed rail. I've seen the Acelas a number of times, including from the other side of 150 mph, but never ridden one.

After my visit, I'll have some time to kill before my train home, so I'm bringing a camera and I'll be taking pictures to fill current gaps in Wikipedia. (Don't worry about me getting arrested; the MBTA allows nonsuspicious photography, even going so far as to specifically include "rail buffs". Relevant legal policy is here.)

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Rebecca said...

Good song. Also good place. Glad you had a good time.