Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I took some steel wool to the MLAS yesterday, leaving the primer smooth and clean. Then, I went outside and painted it.

...and then I left it overnight. And it rained.

It's quite the mess. The automotive primer (designed for wet-sanding) protected the body tube, but the outer layer of paint is a mess. The nose cone fared the worst; it fell off sometime, putting a big dent in it and removing some of the primer. The water weakened the glue holding the cardboard base of the nose cone so much that it actually fell off when I was bringing the sorry remains inside.

The worst damage on the body is inside the tube; the motor mount is grotesquely swollen, and the empty motor which I use to hang it for painting is also swollen with water, and also stuck inside. I'm suspicious about the status of the glue joints for the fins; they too may have to be replaced.

Once it dries. Which is gonna take a while.

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