Saturday, March 19, 2011

Making more fake liquids

It's been almost a year since I made fake coffee. Now, I'm back with more convincing fakes.

Red wine: Fill a normal-sized wine glass halfway with water. Add 8 drops of red food coloring, and one blue. You may need to dilute this slightly with additional water to make it a bit clearer; you may also wish to add more red.

White wine: Mix 1 drop green with 4 drops yellow in water. You'll need to dilute this a lot; that much coloring makes almost a whole bottle's worth of fake wine.

Olive oil: in about 8 ounces (240 mL) of water, put in 1 drop green, 1 drop red, and 4 drops yellow.

Apple cider: In a 1:2 milk/water mixture, add 1 drop green, 2 drops red, and 5 drops yellow. You may need to futz with this one a bit for it to be convincing.

The most difficult fake so far, though, is orange juice. It's weird, and hard to replicate. It's darker than simply mixing red and yellow can achieve, and not as warm a color.

The trick is to start with green - mix one drop each of red and green plus 4 drops of yellow (use fake olive oil) in 8 oz of water. Then pour out half and replace with water. Do this three times, so just 1/8 of the original liquid remains. Add one drop of red and 4 drops yellow to the pale green liquid, then pour a bit out so you have about 6 ounces of liquid. Then, add an ounce of two of milk. It's not perfect, but it'll fool at a casual glance.

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Rebecca said...

Very clever! But never will I let you serve me a drink again ;)