Monday, March 28, 2011

Lest You Think I've Forgotten About Rocketry:

...I haven't forgotten, I'm just waiting for the MLAS to dry.

Fortunately, it's just about dried. Amazingly, it suffered little permanent damage despite the thorough soaking. The base needs to be reglued to the nosecone and un-warped a bit, but otherwise all the glue joints rehardened just fine.

Although much of the the white paint coast got washed off, some remains. I plan to fill some spots, add a bit of primer, than a white coat on a non-rainy day.

The motor case that I used to hang the rocket got completely soaked, and it swelled and got stuck inside the motor mount. But after a week of drying, it shrank enough to pop right out.

The only permanent damage is around the centering rings. As the glue redried, it shrank, and it's now sinched in, like a tight belt. But overall, that's a pretty small amount of damage for such a stupid mistake.

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