Friday, March 25, 2011

1000 edits on Wikipedia

In a disturbing indication of having no life, I've reached 1000 active edits on Wikipedia - i.e, those that were not on pages now deleted.

849 of those edits were article edits - adding directly to articles. Perhaps one-third were typos or other minor corrections, one-third were geocoordinates, and one-third were major work, plus some vandalism deletion.

The other 121 were elsewhere. Editing my user page to keep tabs on what I need to work on, talking about planned improvements to articles, participating in discussions on whether or not to delete an article, stuff like that. The two file edits were correcting links in the file descriptions; the template edits are for symbolic templates of rail lines.

(The four deleted edits are from two deleted articles - one an advertisement, and the other a single-line article about a wholly unimportant former elementary school. On both, I marked the article for suggested deletion and explained on the talk page, and an admin later deleted the article.)

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