Friday, February 4, 2011

Bing copies Google; Google schools Microsoft

Earlier this week, news got out that Microsoft is attempting to make money by stealing from its competitors. In other works, business as usual.

In this case, they were directly copying Google's results via a systematic monitoring of their results. Using Internet Explorer 8, the Bing toolbar, or both, they silently observe Google results pages... and sometimes copy them directly to their own Bing results.

Google first noticed this when Bing stole results for an odd misspelling of a surgical procedure called tarsorrhaphy. When Google noticed an increase of this, they then tested their theory of thievery. They inserted 100 fake results from impossibly unlikely searches - like "hiybbprqag" - into their system, then used brand-new computers running IE 8 to make searches. Sure enough, the same faked results showed up on Bing.

Microsoft, for what it's worth, is not even trying to deny the allegations.

Full story on the Official Google Blog

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