Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awful Roads

This winter has been real bad for a lot of things here in Connecticut. It's decimating snowplow budgets. It's wiping out the Metro-North railcars. And, it's destroying our roads.

I use a minor state road to get to school. Over the three-mile length, there are something like 30 potholes, most of them on the eastbound side. Many are truly pot-holes - ten inches in diameter, and three deep. At one place, there are simultaneous potholes on both tire paths.

And, there's a myriad of other problems all around town. Many roads have cracks where the pavement pushes up due to frost heaves. In front of the high school, there's a large depression (since repaired) and a ten-foot, 2-inch-high crack in the road. In Ledyard Center, at the intersection of Rt. 117 and Colonel Ledyard Highway (not a highway at all; an ordinary two-lane road with speed limits as low as 25 mph), there is a pipe protruding from the pavement.

It's getting better. The large depression near the high school has been filled, and they're working on the potholes. But, to avoid damaging my car, I've still been taking an alternate route. It's 9 miles versus 5, and five minutes longer, but the other state roads in town are better, and I don't fear for my bumper.

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DTH Rocket said...

Ever been to Minnesota? This happens every winter.