Saturday, January 29, 2011

MLAS Building

I've actually gotten a pretty decent start on the MLAS, now. I finished assembling the motor mount, including the kevlar / elastic shock cord. It's all glued into the main body tube now.

I also have made good progress with the nose cone. I coated it with wood glue and white glue, which seals all the cracks and gives it a pretty smooth surface.

I also tested my favorite automotive primer on it, and the results are great! It does not dissolve the foam, and it seems to stick just fine. I'll need to fill a lot of pinholes after I prime it (when it's warmer, and there's not two feet of snow outside...) but it appears that Rustoleum Automotive Primer works well.

Also got some other work done. I'm building a wooden dagger as a prop for a drama show; that's coming along. I fixed the broken fin on the Sudden Mach; it should be able to withstand 1.5 Mach. I also fixed one of my two 29mm rocket stands, and I'm starting work on a third.

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