Friday, December 31, 2010

Twin Cities: Metro Transit rail map

I've made a pretty nifty map of a number of Metro Transit rail lines in the Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN). It's on Google Maps, so it's zoomable and everything.

The map shows six lines - two heavy rail commuter lines and four light rail interurban lines. Only two of the lines are currently in operation - the light rail Hiawatha Line (shown in yellow) that serves downtown Minneapolis, the airport, and the Mall of America; and the Northstar commuter service (shown in blue) that serves the northern suburbs. (The proposed Northstar extension is, of course, in lighter blue.)

All six lines will eventually terminate at Target Field station in Minneapolis - light rail lines at street-level on a bridge, and commuter rail lines below. Currently open lines are bolded; the lighter a line is, the further it is from starting operation. Stations with currently open or visible station platforms have a dot in their marker; stations without do not.

The Central Corridor light rail, shown in red, is currently under construction and will open in 2014. Running on a few miles of the former 512-mile streetcar system, it will serve both downtown areas plus the University of Minnesota via University Avenue.

Southwest Corridor light rail has been approved for construction and is planned to open by 2016. The alignment is pretty much set, but the exact location of each station is not known.

The fourth light rail line is planned to be the Bottineau Boulevard Transitway serving the northwest suburbs. Two possible alignments are shown; the A alignment is more likely to be built.

The proposed commuter line is the Red Rock Corridor, to serve Minneapolis and Hastings via St. Paul. It is shown in pink and may start as soon as 2018.

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