Friday, December 24, 2010

One Kilopost

That is, 1000 posts. It's taken me 30.5 months - since June 10, 2008.

1000 posts in 928 days is 1.077 posts a day - a post every 22 hours 15 min.

Figure half an hour per post, and that's 500 hours - just about three straight weeks of time, used for posting.

I took posts from all three Julys - 2008, 2009, and 2010 - and averaged out the wordcounts. I average about 185 words per post. That means I have written about 185,000 words. By comparison, Animal Farm is about 30,000; Ender's Game is just over 100,000.

(I'm still not up to the 560,000 of the English translation of War and Peace, though.)

It's just crazy to me to think that I've written this much. I'm not sure if it's a sign that I'm incredibly arrogant, or that I need a therapist, or that I need a life. But it's by far the biggest and longest-running project that I've ever undertaken. It's also really neat to see what comes out of my brain when Ive got a blank canvas to put it down on. I mean, this morning I just got thinking about zero while I was dragging my sorry carcass out of bed, and I ended up with 788 words about zero.

In any case, I'm pretty pleased.

It's almost midnight now. I'm listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra play "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo", and there is no better music for the evening. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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DTH Rocket said...

Good job! That is quite an achievement.