Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the road to recovery

The Nell, that is.

I started the length rebuilding process today by fixing the broken side tubes. Both failed in the exact same mode - the joint halfway down the tube was not glued inside, so the outer cardboard tube snapped instead of the inner dowel.I put a layer of wood glue both between the two dowels and on the dowel-tube layer, thus ensuring a very strong joint. Once I re-enforce them with a layer of wood glue or epoxy clay, they will be two of the strongest parts of the rocket, instead of the weakest as before.

Unfortunately, I also discovered today that most of the angled side joints are broken. I may have to peel off the string, rewrap, and then finally refix them. I am not sure yet; it may vary joint-to-joint.

I will take more precautions on its return flight. An 18" plastic parachute, in warm weather, with plenty of wadding to protect it.

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