Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Nell Rebuilding

Believe it or not, rebuilding the Nell is going surprisingly well. Although many of the joints are broken, they retained their basic shape reasonably well. I just finished gluing and clamping (with masking tape) the last two joints than needed to be rejoined. It's actually a lot easier the second time around, because all the puzzle pieces do fit together.

I'm using entirely wood glue, and it seems to be absolutely strong enough. I'm still worried about twisting in the airframe, but hopefully that will fix itself when I reglue a few critical joints.

I also started repairs on the Orbital Transport, which crashed a few months back. I removed two inches of crushed tube from the front, and replaced it with a 24mm coupler and seven inches of tube. The extra length will make it significantly more stable, and look more like the original design.

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