Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Calculus Time

It's just about time for my calculus final. I have until Wednesday to take it, but I plan to take it tomorrow. It's only five chapters worth of material, but those are five dense chapters, covering vectors and 2D vector calculus; 3D functions, partial derivatives, min-max problems and Lagrange multipliers; double and triple integrals; and 3D vector calculus up to Green's Theorem.

I just spent from 3:40 to 11:30, minus two hours to visit my grandmother, studying - several times longer than any other final I've studied for before. I did 51 problems covering the last 9 sections and wrote up the essential formulae that I must know. The formulae cover front and back of two whole sheets of paper.

Eul me up, boys. It's Calculus Time.

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