Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We humans, we tend to like danger, without actually being in danger. Danger gives us an adrenaline rush, but real danger just stinks. So, we as a species tend to find dangerous things, and then sit back and watch them unfold.

It's why we watch football. We get to watch twenty-two strong young men attempt to break each other, all while sitting back and enjoying a jumbo plate of nachos with that delicious not-quite-cheese sauce.

It's why we watch dangerous-situation reality shows like Deadliest Catch, because icy waters and ferocious storms can't harm you in your living room.

We love to ski and snowboard at high speeds down icy mountains - but only once we've strapped on a helmet, goggles, and plenty of layers of clothing.

We love action movies, because few things get the heart pounding like River Tam taking out a planetful of flesh-eating monsters. But not one of us would want to be there because, well, they're terrifying.

Danger, it seems, is only fun when you're not actually in danger. And that, my friends, is why there are few things better than sitting in a hot tub in below-freezing weather, watching the wind whip the powdery snow into a fury. While you are safe in your bubble of warm air. Absolutely magnificent.

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