Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Actual building!

I've finished the repairs on the Orbital Transport. The shock cord is reattached to the new extended forward section. I cut two new forward fins from the old pattern, coated and sanded them, and attached. The next time the weather warms up, I'll primer the forward section.

I've gotten a decent start on the MLAS. I decided not to use the motor hook and engine block, because I want to use D13W reloads at some point. (They weigh less than C6s, so that shouldn't be a problem.) I've got one of the two massive 3.5" diameter centering rings fully glued in place, and the other is currently drying.

I've also started on the nose cone. I glued the two-part cardboard base together, and drilled a quarter-inch hole for weights in the foam nose cone. Dick Stafford says about 0.3 oz added to the stock bolt should be sufficient; I'll use about an inch of quarter-inch steel rod from... something.

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