Monday, November 29, 2010

T.F. Green Airport T station

So, I knew that T.F. Green Airport (just south of Providence, Rhode Island) was getting its own MBTA Commuter Rail station. When flying out on Friday, I managed to get a quick glimpse from the air, and it looked nearly completed.

Turns out, it opens next Monday - a week from today. Three Boston - T.F. Green trains and a couple T.F. Green - Providence shuttles in each direction per day, with more coming later when an additional station in Wickford opens next year.

This is pretty cool. If I go to college in Boston, I could take the commuter rail down to the airport to join my folks on a trip - like to another OSU game - or just for them to pick me up so I can go home.

Oh, and did I mention the skyway? Yeah, the giant glass-and-concrete skyway from the airport to the station. 1250 feet long, about 75 feet in the air, and huge. Way cool.

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