Monday, November 29, 2010

Ohio Trip!

An absolutely excellent weekend. I had a freaking great time in Ohio. My first time attending the OSU-Michigan rivalry game

Flights to Ohio were pretty okay, though there was turbulence and we were a tad delayed out of BWI. (It's very strange... there are no direct flights from Providence (T.F. Green) or Hartford (Bradley) to Columbus, but many two-flight combos. Intermediate airports include BWI (Baltimore), Washington - Reagan, Washington - Dulles, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and several of the New York airports. But I digress...)

We stopped to get wings - which are delicious even at 3:15 pm - then headed up to my uncle's house up north. My cousin and her husband arrived later and we played two great games of an old game called Rail Baron.

Woke up early Saturday morning, drove back to Columbus. We were a bit late, so we had a hard time finding a parking spot. Normally, we get one only a few blocks east of campus, but this time, we were right up next to the train tracks. Not too bad, though, just a longer walk.

The game was absolutely fantastic. The Buckeyes started out slow as they tend to, but then Terrell Pryor nailed a 39-yard pass up the middle and it was on. Once they took the lead early in the second quarter, they never let go. At one point, Michigan scored to make it 10-7 OSU. After Michigan kicked off, it was 17-7. Halftime score was 24-7.

OSU Marching Band lived up to their nickname as The Best Damn Band In The Land.  They did the famous Script Ohio before the game - the field show upon which all else is graded. It's just incredible. They cross lines through each other at full march speed, and start from a giant block O made from several rotating lines. For halftime, they had several classical pieces and elaborate formations; the last was an incredible Des Irae / Ode to Joy melody.

During the first half, Michigan's quarterback and running back had success running, though only one score. OSU owned the third quarter. Michigan had ten total yards; the Buckeyes had several scores, including a 98-yard run by Dan Herron (that was reduced a bit by the officials due to a BS holding penalty) and Pryor just killed the defense with his throws.

In the 4th quarter, Michigan had a long drive. They had 2nd and goal on the 1-yard line. Ohio State took over on downs on the 7 yard line. They not only prevented the score, they drove them back. The Buckeyes defense has a few holes, but when the pressure is on, they are deadly.

Final score was 37-7 Buckeyes. And the 105 thousand rejoiced. I can't wait till the Buckeyes play in January.

Afterwards, we headed out to Easton and took advantage of the all-you-can-eat ribs special at some restaurant. We ate 3 and a half racks between us. Since the game was at noon (less nastiness afterwards cause less people drink in the morning, not that there weren't some thoroughly plastered people there), it was only 5:30 by that point, so we went and saw Unstoppable. An excellent movie.

When we got in the car to go back to the hotel room, the first song the DJ put on was classic Ozzy. "Crazy Train". Oh, the irony.

Flights home were uneventful. I like Columbus - beautiful city - but it's nice to be home.

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