Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Me vs. the Email Server: Round One

So, I'm taking a calculus class at Conn College, which is pretty cool. And, in theory, I have a Conn email account, that autoforwards to my primary account. But, I didn't get a recent email from my professor, which worried me.

So, I tried to log onto my Conn, it wouldn't accept my password. I called the tech support, and the very helpful person who answered the phone found that my password was expired and changed it for me.

So I try to log in, and I need to change the provided password to one of my own. I fill in the form... and the server barfs up an HTTP 500 error (internal error) and a page of javascript. Try again, same result.

I call tech support again, and apparently I've been doing everything right, there's just a problem with the server.


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