Monday, November 15, 2010

Central Corridor Rail Line Map

So, I've made this neat map of the proposed service, using a Google Maps template. Markers are green at current stations (with Vermonter / Northeast Regional / Acela / Shore Line East service), yellow at proposed stations (including several cities that formerly had service, which will now be restored). The three pushpins indicate where the corridor splits from other passenger services.

I calculated mileages based on matching curves to the track on the map. The exact locations of all of the yellow stations (except for Willimantic, which has a small concrete platform left over from previous Vermonter service) are approximate; they could be in an entirely different part of town from where I guessed. However, the total mileage - 122 miles - should be correct.

View Central Corridor Rail Line in a larger map

I've also created a Wikipedia page on the line. The information isn't complete because I have to use sources available to everyone, but it's pretty nice. I like the route map, pieced together from a standard set of symbols.

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