Thursday, November 25, 2010

CATO 167: Punkin Chunkin: Part 1

CATO was on Sunday this month; Saturday was rather windy. And, I haven't had time to write about it till now. Pictures will come later tonight, or tomorrow.

My first flight was the Svetlana on an F35-8W - my first launch with my new 24/60 case. It simulates to 1192 feet on Openrocket, and that might be conservative. It zoomed off the pad - the 57 Newton-second (Ns) load packs a lot more punch than a 40 Ns E18 load. I drilled the nominally-8-second delay down to about 6 seconds, and it ejected just past apogee.

Since my old baffle was destroyed at NERRF, I opted to make a temporary one out of duct tape. Just a 10" long tube, made using a 29/240 case as a mandrel. I tapered one end to fit in the motor mount tube, and stuffed the other end in the nosecone. I packed the 12" chute as usual and sure enough, it deployed without being burnt. The duct tape was barely burnt. Fun fact: duct tape can take the heat of a blackpowder ejection charge.

Even with the small 12" chute, it drifted a lot. Everyone thought it was going to land in the woods... but nope, it touched down on the adjacent field. Easy to get to, and I even found someone else's nose cone on the way to get it.

Next: I have pictures!

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