Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Someone Put LSD in My Cereal Today

Today has been a strange day. But, a pretty good day.

Started in Marine Science. We got absolutely perfect data on a lab... and other groups didn't. It's usually the other way around.

Then, in band, our director announced that we won't be having afterschool marching band practices in preparation for the next game. Strange.

In lunch, the teacher who runs the math team came over to me and told me that guess what, no one else on the team can go to today's meet. Soccer and drama and swimming and cross country.

Got to the meet, turns out she did manage to snag a freshman to come compete. Turns out, he's one hoopy frood. He just about matched my score and between the two of us, we got Ledyard into the middle of the pack. With three out of 5 positions on the team empty. We are good.

On the way home, realized I really didn't know my way around Norwich. The two-way street splitting into one-way streets was my first clue that it was weird. Then I come to a six-way intersection, and there's only one way to go. So I go that way for 100 feet, then stop at a red light that lasts a whole minute.. with no cross traffic. Finally found my way across the river and onto Rt. 12...

And quickly come to a stop, as police guide us slowly past a tipped-over dump truck. I... I can't even explain what happened there.

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