Monday, October 4, 2010

The Little Monstrosity That Could

I've posted before about the Rokit.

It's made from a D12 motor casing, a scraped-up nose cone, and poor-quality balsa. It's liberally covered with masking tape. Its mis-spelled name is written on in magic marker.

It is... the ugliest rocket in the world.

Or, I thought so, until the end of August, when Al Gloer's 'Project Frankenrush' trounced me in the Ugliest Rocket competition. That eldritch abomination is made from the remains of three different rockets, and still has dirt on it from crashes.

But, Al bargained with Dave Mackiernan of Hot Rod Rockets for help with a different project of his. So, he had a kit ready to ship, and he graciously offered it to me as the second-place finisher.

Which means that as of last Thursday, I have a brand-new, just-released Buffalo kit ready to build. It looks to be high-quality and really, really cool. I'll build it immediately*.

* Immediately meaning, after my calculus midterm, math team meet, MIT interview, Marine Science field trip, and marching band rehearsal, plus normal classes and homework.

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