Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've now tripled the size of my fake sword collection.

For Halloween last year, I went as a ninja. I decided this, of course, on Friday night, with about 21 hours till the party. I managed to cobble together a halfway decent sword. It was actually made of two old window blinds, with dowels down the center for hardness. Grip was made of masking tape and electrical tape, and I painted it with spray paint. Crude, but decent. I even managed to make a scabbard out of wood and masking tape.

Now, though, I've substantially upgraded. I've made a matched set of a katana and wakizashi. They're made of solid wood, with better grips, and painted silver with a brush for a nice even coat.

The katana has a 22-inch "blade" with a 6" grip; the wakizashi has a 15" blade and 4.5" grip. Both on the small side, and technically a katana should be between 24 and 28 inches. But these are good for a costume.


mandachan said...

you do realize that most of that post lends itself to a massive "that's what she said," right? ;)

The EGE said...

Unfortunately, yes.

fencer_22 said...

carfull man swords are my territory :) but seriosly speeking almost all swords have a gaurd of some kind. there are exceptions but generally speaking katanas are not one of those exceptions.

DTH Rocket said...

Very cool.

I had a wooden sword that broke because I would use it like a machete :\

But then I fixed it with chrome duck tape and it's a lot better :)