Friday, July 2, 2010

Starting repairs

Between NERRF and my personal launch, I have a lot of rockets to fix in some capacity or another.
  • Alexi Leonov: its last flight ended with a crash and the entire motor mount ejecting out the back. The centering rings are pretty shot and the motor tube needs replacing, so I'll put in a new mount with basswood centering rings and a better motor mount tube. I will probably also add fillets to the fins and maybe even paint it. Also, I'm an idiot, I kinda tripped and hit it and knocked a fin off.
  • Heliroc: needs a new rubber band for the blades.
  • Sudden Mach: first, I need to reglue the nose cone into the upper body tube. Then, I need to figure out how to mount the timer for easier and more sucessful operation.
  • Deltie Thunder: the pop pod needs a lot of work. There's a massive crimp in the body tube; I'm not sure if I'll replace the tube entirely or just couple in a fresh section. I also need to fix the glider hook, probably with plywood - it wasn't designed to take an F motor - and to fix the economy-sized dent in the nose cone.
  • Multi-Goon: I need to change the 13mm and 24mm engine mounts to prevent them from being burned by ejection charges.
  • Svetlana will take the most work. Mainly, I need to figure out a new baffle system. I need to clean off the back end, repair some dings, and put a clear coat of protective enamel on. Plus, if I'm lucky, mandachan will draw Svetlana-the-character on it.

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