Monday, July 26, 2010

A. R. V. Condor

I'm finally starting to build my vintage Estes A. R. V. Condor, which I bought back in March at NARCON. Entries and picture are cross-posted here and on TRF.

The Condor is a really neat kit. It's got two parasite gliders which form the fins of the rocket, then detach at apogee and glide down separately. They're very tricky to build, but it should be fun.

I'll be building it stock, save for the motor mount. The engine block and motor hook go into my parts bin, and the motor mount will be moved back a bit so I can use tape for retention.

All the parts:
There's a total of 36 parts, not including the decals and the jigs to align the glider wings, but including the two motor mount parts which I will not use. That's a lot of parts.

Here's a closeup of the wings and tail fin for one glider:

And here's a closeup of the decal sheet:

I did get a bit of work done this afternoon; here are the 4 assembled glider wings:

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