Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NERRF Drag Race Picture

Two days ago, Jim Flis, owner of Fliskits, posted his album of NERRF pictures of TRF. You can few the whole giant album here.

One picture, I found, was described as a "HPR drag race". Well, there weren't many of those, so I took a look. Sure enough, it showed two skinny rockets and one fat - the drag race between Crazy Jim and I, with a third rocket launched at the same time for kicks.

My Sudden Mach is on the left, on a G78G. It's about a foot taller than Crazy Jim's Blackhawk, just to the right, also on a G78G. The third rocket, whose name and owner I do not recall, is on a J800T. Our two rockets are almost keeping pace, despite having a tenth the thrust of the larger rocket.

Once again, thanks to Jim Flis for the picture.

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