Saturday, July 10, 2010

More on the 29/40-120 H load

All information from Facebook and TRF.

The new baby H will use an optimized Blue Thunder blend, as I suspected. 70g of propellant, for an Isp around 235. It will have a delay and ejection charge, and uses a normal 29mm high power nozzle, modified liner, and longer-than-usual grains.

There's some speculation on TRF that the high operating pressure may cause delay issues.

According to Gary Rosenfield (of AT), once the NFPA 1125 rules change in 2011 and the propellant limit on model rocket motors jumps from 62.5g to 125g, they'll likely make a full G (160 Ns) motor for the case as well.

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KenKzak said...

More Power!
[For a given size motor case.]

While I am impressed that the NFPA will realign it's definition of a modrok motor with that of the FAA, the real stumbleing block will be the CPSC, at least where retail sales are concerned.

The return of an improved G125, or so, would be welcome, especially if it's still under-square.

This could bode well for the return of a motor like the G33J, though weight wasn't it's only issue.