Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finishing the A. R. V. Condor

After some more building, the Condor is completely built.

First, I tied the shock cord to the nose cone and glued it to the upper body tube. Then, I glued on the upper glider mounts. CA is a wonderful thing.

Then, I put on the finishing touches. The three mini launch lugs were attached - one by the lower glider mounts, and a pair above and below the mid-body joint. Finally, I glued the lower end of the shock cord into the coupler, and it was complete:

Now comes primer, paint, and decals - a process lengthier and more difficult than building.

I also test-chucked the gliders in the yard. #1 flies nicely with a small intentional left-hand curve; #2 dives to the right which will be corrected after finishing.

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