Thursday, July 29, 2010

The EGE shows you: how to load an Estes Comanche-3

From July 9th: "how do you connect the engines on an estes comanche 3?"

You should have three motors for three-stage flight: A 24mm booster motor (C11-0 or D12-0), an 18mm booster motor (B6-0 or C6-0), and an 18mm upper stage motor (A8-5, B6-6, or C6-7).

First, take the 24mm motor and install the igniter in the nozzle. Install the motor in the lower booster stage (the one with no motor mount inside) with the nozzle facing down (away from the coupler).

Then, take the two 18mm motors. Take a 3" piece of scotch tape, and tape them together end-to-end so that the nozzle of the upper stage motor faces the black propellant (the end without a nozzle) on the booster motor. Wind about 5" of tape around the other end of the upper stage motor. This extra tape will prvent it from falling out at ejection.

Next, take the taped-together motors and push the nozzle end of the 18mm booster motor into the top of the lower stage. The nozzle will actually go about half an inch (12mm) into the top of the 24mm motor.

Then, slide the middle booster stage (with the motor mount inside) over the motors so that it connects with the coupler from the lower stage.

Finally, slide the sustainer (the long section) over the 18mm upper stage motor and connect it with the middle stage. Prep your recovery system and you're ready to fly.

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