Thursday, July 29, 2010

The EGE answers your questions!

As I've mentioned before, I have Google Analytics code on this blog. It's very neat, because I can find how you're finding the blog, and what you're looking for in it.

Interestingly, some of you have gotten here by googling questions. Well, your questions are now getting answered.

From July 26th: "can i split a 6 grain cesaroni reload kit into 2 3grain reloads"

No, that's not possible. Each reload kit only comes with one nozzle and one set of forward components (delay, ejection charge, etc). If you took three grain out of a reload kit, you would only have three grains, and not a second complete propellant kit.

From July 10th: "how many ounces can a e30-4 model rocket lift?"

There's a convenient trick for this: The 5-to-1 rule. A motor should provide 5 Newtons of average thrust for every Newton the rocket weighs (4.45 N = 1 pound). For an E30 which generates 30N average thrust, The rocket should weigh no more than 6N at liftoff. That's about 1.3 pounds, or 21 ounces.

Now, the E30 has a higher thrust of around 45N at liftoff, and 5:1 is a bit conservative. If you're flying a very stable rocket in no wind off a long launch rod, you could maybe get a 32 oz (2 pound) rocket off the pad. But that's not guaranteed.

From July 16th: "lufthansa tour flight stopped from takeoff from cleveland hopkins airport because two guys were jokingly saying "hijack" to one another?g"

I don't even want to know. You're on your own here.

From July 8th: "wildman blackhawk or?"

Or what? The Blackhawk is an excellent kit, by the way.


tori said...

hmmm. your google searches are so much more scientific sounding than mine.
my best one was "I lost my high school yearbook and now I can't find my mojo"
unless there is a scientific formula to make more mojo....

The EGE said...

Other searches include "amateur beaver posting", every possible misspelling of 'amateur', and some keywords that indicate they're looking for some, um, adult sites.