Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eco-friendly dowels

In which I mock 'green' products of decidedly inferior quality.

Regular 3/8" x 24" dowels, made from OMGWTF EVIL WOOD THAT EATS YOUR CHILDREN AND CAUSES TOENAIL CANCER, cost 99 cents at A.C. Moore. They're smooth and made of high-quality wood that is hard to break.

The supposedly eco-friendly dowels are not 24" long. They're perhaps 22" long. Ish. They're rough wood, that will give you environmentally wonderful splinters. They're only half as strong as the hardwood dowels.

And they cost $3.79.


fencer_22 said...

try buying something other than pine, and small pice to pay for the environment

The EGE said...

There's no other options, and I'm not going to pay 4 times the price for a decidedly inferior product. That may or may not be any better for the environment.

fencer_22 said...

Come on man. Don't you realise that everyone has to do their part to help the environment Lord knows the current generation isn't doing much to help. which leaves our generation holding the bag. the sooner you come to grips with that and start doing what you can to not increase the problems at hand the better.

Jake said...

Home Depot, Lowe's or Ace Hardware will definitely sell the hardwood dowels. I can never find what I want at A.C Moore and their stock is always changing...often for the worse.

The EGE said...

AC Moore still has the hardwood dowels as an option. There's more of them.

And the problem is, minor solutions do nothing. Buying that inferior dowel is not going to save anything. There are just too many cars and cows on the planet. It's going to take major geoengineering - probably injecting sulfur dioxide into the jet stream for a few years - to cool down.

The EGE said...

Not to mention, those hardwood dowels are good old birch hardwood. Probably from the US. But those 'eco-friendly' dowels? Quite possibly shipped from South America, where lighter woods like that grow better. Eco-friendly my ass.