Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear bad driver

Dear driver of the white Accord, licence plate starting with 520, who happened to be traveling north on Interstate 395 in Montville at 2:15 pm this afternoon:

I realize that you had just gotten on the freeway, only to realize that you were behind a tractor-trailer, an RV, and half a dozen other cars. I realize that your selfish ego could not stand waiting a few minutes to pass and speed on down the highway, when traffic had spread out a bit. But I cannot for my life understand why you though it would be a good idea to suddenly pull into the left lane to pass without checking your mirrors, putting your blinker on, and being prepared to speed up to match the higher speed of traffic in the left lane.

You see, after the red SUV, there was another car in the lane, about 4 seconds (400 feet) behind. Me. By the time you decided to make your move, I was only about 20 feet behind you, going 65 to your 50. Fortunately, I had noticed your oh-so-typical movements, wandering back and forth in your lane, and the moment I knew you were attempting to merge into me, I had the presence of mind to slam on my brakes - never mind the cars behind me - and hit the horn.

While you took your jolly old time, slowing to 45 before realizing you have a functional gas pedal (that will within minutes take you far beyond the speed limit), I got within a yard of your bumper before my brakes slowed me to your speed. You never even knew I was there until I hit the horn. Had I been momentarily frozen or distracted, much less doing something truly stupid like texting, you would have lazily sat there until I slammed into your rear end.

And at freeway speeds, we would have been in deep shit. At least one of us would have been pushed into the lane from whence you came, thus setting off a chain reaction that would have consumed a half a dozen vehicles that couldn't get out of the way, plus more from behind that couldn't stop. It would have been a spectacularly horrific collision. They would still be picking bodies from the mangled steel. And there would be a lot of bodies.

Don't you see, you idiot? Your inability to follow basic rules of common sense put many lives at risk, and you sat there, oblivious. I'm a new driver; I shouldn't have to be wary of adults you act like children. Think before you act next time, you goddamn fucking asshole.

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Sascha Grant said...

Welcome to the world of driving :(