Thursday, January 22, 2009


It appears that there's basically no way I'm going to do my Level 1 certification right now. There's no way I can fly an H motor at Durham at all because the field is of questionable size - too close to buildings, the Fire Marshall doesn't really want them doing high power stuff in Durham, and according to the CATO message board, they've got an 'Ornery neighbor.'

The closest HPR (high-power rocketry) field, then, is Pine Island, NY, home of METRA. My parents are pretty supportive of my rocketry endeavors, but trying to get one or both to drive 31/2hours one way, thru New York traffic no less, stay around all day if not overnight, watch a ton of rockets be launched, then drive 3+ hours back... Not gonna happen.

This means that until either CATO can launch at Frinks Farm again - questionable at best, since Frinks switched to being a sod farm - or I can get my license and be comfortable driving to New York, at least a year away, there's no way I'm gonna do high power for a while. Sigh.

However, that does free up some money for some fun stuff like getting a big 29mm kit. *Grins evilly*

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