Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Screaming Yellow Zonker!

My lovely newly reconstructed Screaming Yellow Zonker!:

As you can see, I drained the former red fluid (water plus polyacrylate - synthetic gelatin) from the nose cone as its weight is no longer needed for stability, attached the lower stage minus its engine block, and glued in the 6" of BT-20 from the power pod of Scissor-wing Transport. I had the BT-20 stick out 1/2" in order to use masking tape for motor retention. A clone of SYZ! could be built using one stock Quest Totally Tubular kit, balsa for the fins, and and either the supplied motor tube plus 1" of BT-20 or about 5" total of BT-20. Five of the six 2.75" lengths of T20 (Quest body tube that slides just over standard BT-20) will be left over. The main body tube is also T20.
The business end of the rocket. Note the launch lug next to a fin, the cant on the end of the fin above it, and the protruding motor tube.
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