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Rocketry Geek Code

So there's this thing called the Geek Code created by Robert A Hayden. It's a neat and funny way for geeks like me to classify themselves. In a fit of boredom, I have created a rocketry geek code. It works much the same way as the original:

The rocketry Geek Code Version 1.0

MM Size of motors you typically fly:
MM++++ >98mm. Aerotech is for wimps.
MM+++ 75mm-98mm. I fly rockets bigger than me.
MM++ 38mm-54mm. HPR is nice, but I'm not crazy.
MM+ 29mm. MPR is all I need.
MM 24mm. Composite motors kick Estes's butt any day.
MM- 18mm. Estes motors are fine for me.
MM-- 13mm. I only have a small flying field.
MM--- 6mm. What's the point of rockets if you can't fly them in your backyard?

S+++++ I build and fly L5 kits with ease. I've either built a Saturn V or plan to. I can build anything from my parts box. I am the grandmaster of epoxy.
S++++ I build and fly L4 kits. I have a sizable parts bin. I can build safely with epoxy.
S+++ I build and fly L3 kits pretty well. I can use CA without gluing myself to the rocket. I have enough spare parts to build a rocket or two.
S++ I build and fly L2 kits pretty well. I can use wood glue and plastic cement and only glue myself with CA once. I have a few spare parts tucked away.
S+ I build and fly L1 kits with reasonable success. Wood glue is fine for me. I can use recovery devices other than 'plastic wad'.
S I build and fly E2X kits with decent success. I can use Elmer's glue and maybe wood glue. Balsa is a bit above me.
S- I built a rocket once. With a little time, I could build an E2X kit. I spill glue sometimes.
S-- I cannot build a good rocket of any level. I refuse to sand balsa. I glue my fingers together with every adhesive.
S--- I cannot use basic tools or glue. I cut balsa with scissors. I tape my fins on and glue the nose cone on. I currently have several fingers stuck together.
!S I only fly RTF kits. BUilding is for weenies.

C++++ I fly amateur or Professional rockets.
C+++ I am certified Level 3.
C++ I am certified Level 2.
C+ I am certified and fly Level 1.
C I am certified L1, but I mostly fly LPR / MPR.
C- I am uncertified, but I can safely fly MPR rockets.
C-- I fly only LPR.
C--- I can only fly MMX.
C--- I work for BAFTE.

M++++ I own a hobby shop or rocketry business.
M+++ I have become bankrupt due to rocketry.
M++ I have taken out a loan to buy rocketry items.
M+ I spend over $1000/yr on rocketry.
M I spend over $100/yr on rocketry.
M- I spend at least $25/yr on rocketry.
M-- I buy one pack of motors or one rocket per year.
M--- I never spend any money on rocketry.

Number of Rockets
N++++ I own every Estes kit ever made.
N+++ I have over 100 rockets. I have at least half the rockets in one manufacturer's catalog.
N++ I have at least 30 rockets. I add several per month and I can usually find them all.
N+ I have at least a dozen rockets. I get a few new ones every year.
N I have more than one rocket. I'm planning to buy another one soon.
N- I have one rocket that has flown and will fly again.
N-- I have one rocket in the basement somewhere.
N--- I had one rocket which has since been eaten by a tree.

Field: How big is your area?
F++++ I have a flying field the size of Colorado. I need a Jeep to find my rockets.
F+++ I own at least a square mile of land. I use an ATV for recovery.
F++ I can fly often at a field suitable for HPR. Recovery walks are nice and long.
F+ I can fly up to Gs at my field. Recovery walks aren't too long.
F I fly at a decent open area; I can fly up to Ds and maybe Es.
F- I have a football / soccer / baseball field to fly in. I can fly C motors if I'm careful.
F-- I have a large backyard suitable for mini motors.
F--- I have a medium backyard that I can fly MMX stuff in.
F---- I fly monocopters in my living room.

O+++ All my rockets do crazy stuff. I have saucers, cones, mailing tubes, everything. I haven't bought a *normal* rocket in years.
O++ Most of my fleet is pretty crazy, but I do have some normal stuff.
O+ I have a few saucers and some other funny stuff, but 3FNCS are fine too.
O I've tried a few oddrocs in my time. I have a saucer around for flying big motors in smaller fields.
O- I tried a saucer once, but I didn't like it.
O-- I've got nothing stranger than a boost-glider. Most of my fleet is 3FNC.
O-- 3FNC forevah! Oddrocs and dangerous and stupid. My oddest rocket has *four* fins.

G--- Gliders are for the boring RC weenies. *Real* rockets have 3 fins and a parachute.
G-- Does a balsa chuck glider count?
G- I tried a glider once, but it crashed cause I didn't trim it.
G I've successfully flown a boost-glider.
G+ I've got a couple boost-gliders and I've flown one in competition...
G++ They found it in the next town...
G+++ The next state...
G++++ The next country.

Ground Support Equipment:
GS+++ I have a permanent launch site with pads and ignition system.
GS++ I have a 5-rod rack plus several HPR rods and rails. I have a well-designed, testable ignition system powered by a car battery.
GS+ I have a nice Aerotech pad plus the standard Estes one. I have a rechargeable battery that can easily fire blackpowder clusters.
GS I have the standard Estes launch system. It works for most blackpowder motors.
GS- I have an old rusty rod stuck is a chunk of concrete and a lantern battery and a switch.
GS-- I have an old, decrepit pad that is no longer very safe.
GS--- I light the fuse, hope the rocket doesn't tip over, and run.

Safety Code
SC+++ I follow the code to a T. Every one of my rockets has *exactly* 1-caliber stability. I notify the FAA and get a waiver for every time I launch anything.
SC++ I'm very safe. I build good, safe models and follow the rules.
SC+ I do everything mostly right, but once in a while something goes funky.
SC I know the code, but I'll still climb a tree to get a rocket back.
SC- Following *all* the picky rules is too much for me. So what if I'm not a full 15 feet away from the launcher?
Sc-- I barely follow the rules. I'm not above lighting a motor with a match and fuse.
SC--- I've caused a wildfire, plane crash, or lightning strike with a rocket.

People and Obscurity
P+++ I wrote the Rocketry Geek Code
P++ I know who wrote it.
P+ I who EMRR is.
P I know who Trip Barber is.
P- I know who Orville Carslisle was.
P-- I know who G. Harry Stine was.
P--- Who were all those people?

H+++ My entire house / apartment is devoted to rocketry. I sleep on the roof. I have an entire room full of adhesives. No one else but me can physically enter the door.
H++ Most of my house is devoted to rocketry. At least 2 rooms hold nothing but rockets. Other people can enter the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.
H+ I have at least an entire room devoted to rocketry. Other people can live in the rest of the house. I may have a significant other living in the house.
H I have a desk and closet for rocketry. I have several rockets hanging from the ceiling to save space. I may have a significant other and/or children.
H- I have a desk. I store rockets wherever I can. There are definitely others living in the house.
H-- I have no area for rocketry; I borrow the kitchen table sometimes. All my rocketry stuff is in one movable storage unit.
H--- I am forbidden to do rocketry in the house, but I keep a few around secretly anyway.
!H I have a shed / garage / club porject space for all my rocketry needs.

A+++ I am older than Vern Estes.
A++ I am older than the NAR.
A+ I was alive during Apollo 11.
A I am older than Aerotech.
A- I am old enough to go for L2 certification.
A-- I am old enough to go for a Junior certification.
A--- I am a rocketeer in training.
!A I am immortal; years do not matter to me.

X Male
Y Female
Z Other
!X Male android
!Y Female android
!Z Other android

@ signfies variance, i.e, you might use N++@ if your collection is around 30 rockets but varies based on purchases and losses.
( ) for crossovers and ranges. For example, M(---) means you fly from 6mm to 24mm motors about equally.
> for wannabe. For example, F->++ means you have only a small field but are looking for a good HPR field.
$ means you earn money for doing it. Mostly for M++++$ and C---$.
? means you've never heard of this category. For example, O? means you've never heard of odd-rocs, you poor unworthy soul.
! means either you stubbornly refuse to answer this question, or for a few like !S means something else entirely.

My personal code is MM- S+++ C--> M N++>+++ F@ O++ G GS SC+ P+++ H A-->!A X.

Unfortunately, there aren't any decoders for this; I'll do one once I get around to learning Python. The decoder for the standard geek code is here.

This is merely Version 1.0. If you have suggestions/comments/flames/etc, please email me using the link at the bottom or comment.

I plan to add simulation software, RASP, and book categories to the code soon. That'll be either v1.1 or v2.0.

If you want to use this on your blag/wobsite/etc, that's fine. Just give me credit, include a link back here, and comment to say what your RGC is.


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