Friday, January 9, 2009

The Rocket Gods giveth....

Except for two CATO launches, MMX launches in my yard, and 2 at other fields in my town, the vast majority of my launches are at the nearby middle school field. It's a large field, about 400 by 600 feet, with parking lots, 3 schools, a football field, and trees surrounding it. Despite the deadly trees and rooftops, I've lots very few rockets there. I've also found a lot.
An Estes 13mm Space Bus. It hit 700 feet on an A10-3T; all I found was the remains.
An Estes 13mm Space Hauler. Scavenged for parts before any launches.
2 18mm glider boost pods, destroyed during failed launches. From cannibalized remains.
A rubber-band-motored-propellered boost glider, destroyed during glide testing
My original boost-glider, now undergoing complete rebuilding.
An Estes Viking made in a rocketry camp. Cannibalized after its cardstock fins bent. It was turned into one of the 2 pop-pods.
An 18mm rocket made at a different camp. Cannibalized for parts; bits remain in Rama (BT) Frankenstein (fins and NC) and Astrocam (chute).
Spudnik, destroyed by launch.
Serenity, destroyed at launch and rebuilt as a non-flying model.
2 MMX upper stages; one was lost and the other broken
1 canard fin and the weighted stick from RNGbane; currently under snow and will be found soon.
Nose cone and streamer to my Estes Wizard, lost to separation. Replaced with found bits.
Numerous engine casings lost. I try to bring them all back, but some inevitably get lost.
Note that I've never fully lost an 18mm or larger rocket to trees or being destroyed. Most of the casualties were either reused or mostly expendable. I've never lost an upper stage on a non-MMX rocket, even when flying my Mongoose and Jinx to almost 900 feet.

Functioning Estes MaxTrax altitude tracking capsule
SR-71 Nose Cone
NC-50; currently on Rokit
Part of a Estes Wizard - used for repairs to mine, pod pod, and possibly my Hi booster stage.
The brown/red nose cone from last post.
Most of an Alpha III. The fin unit, engine hook, and chute were salvaged. The hook is on my currently-being built glider and the chute is 70ft up in a tree in my front yard, lost during testing.

All were found by walking the first 100' of the woods near the middle school field. 10 minutes of walking will often net me a rocket.
I've actually come off fairly lucky from the Rocket Gods. I have never seen one of my rockets land in a tree, and even my most spectacular crashes are pretty tame. However, they get their comeuppance by frying many of my chutes and streamers.

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The EGE said...

There's also a bit of the cannibalized unnamed 18mm rocket in Cohete. The old front fin unit now forms its main body