Friday, January 16, 2009

Rocket Building and News

I've taken the ripped power pod from the OV10, cut it to 5.5", and it's now the body tube for part of my newest project. I've been working on carving a BNC-20 using a drill. Some success...

I've fully repaired Rama. New motor mount, reinforced bulkheads, reglued fin. I stuffed the space between the outer tube and the motor/stuffer tubewith tightly packed quilt batting. It's cheap, easily compressed, flame-resistant (it's sealed in anyway) and it holds the stuffer tube and centering rings perfectly. It'll fly on a C6-3 or CHAD (CHeap And Dirty) staged C6-0/C6-5. I'll use my 18" homemade chute, maybe even the 24" one, for a nice slow descent.

While I was doing my review of Cohete for EMRR last night, I accidentally broke the plastic stick fin in two. I tossed the 6" broken part, plastic cemented a 6" length of thinner plastic rod (styrene from an old airplane kit) in, and it's good. Looks a bit cooler too. It was originally intended to be marginally stable without a stick-fin, so it'll be fine.

Assembly stuff for the Lego rocket and the OV10 will be up soon. Patience, young grasshopper.

EMRR reviews for Cohete, IT, and Mongoose are all submitted. They'll be up around the 24th or so.

I'm planning to make an order from Apogee components soon. Some 13mm, 18mm, 24mm, and maybe 29mm tubes, possibly 2 29mm nose cones, some centering / adapter rings, and a 32" parachute and 3 24mm nose cones, the parachute free for it being my first order from them and the 3 NCs from my NAR membership.

Update: I just finished a 31/2-caliber 18mm ogive. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good for a second try. The first was another 18mm cone, about 11/2 caliber. However, it was using old stock that wasn't perfect. This one is almost perfect. It's hard balsa and one painted will hold up pretty well. I just gotta put in a screw eye for the shock cord.


humanbean said...

That was a lot of words that would not appear in an average conversation in one post!
Not to mention acronyms and non-words.
The world needs more acronyms like New England needs more snow.

The EGE said...

Well, it depends on who you're talking too. :-)
I see no non-words. 7 acronyms, one rocket named after a fictionalized spaceship named after a Hindu goddess, and one rocket named using a Spanish word, cohete.
OV10= Observation / Visual #10 (US Air Force designation for a light plane I modeled it after.
BNC= Balsa Nose Cone
EMRR= Essence's Model Rocket Reviews
IT doesn;t really mean anything; it's just my name for a rocket.
NC = nose cone
NAR = National Association of Rocketry
We could use some more snow, as long as it's good snowball snow. Snow cushions falling rockets.

mandachan said...

no, you just want more snow so you can throw it at me 'cause you know i suck at throwing back.

and the whole lot-of-acronyms thing doesn't bother me 'cause if even if you use the whole word, i still have no idea what you're talking about.

mandachan said...


The EGE said...

Well, it hasn't come yet. Patience, young grasshopper.

mandachan said...

i blame you for the snow.