Saturday, January 10, 2009

Report From the Lair

Although I didn't get to fly today due to the snowstorm enveloping the Northeast, I'm been busy building. I've finished a 24mm booster, initially for flying my Lego rocket on D12-0 / C6-3 (~E10-3) so that it will fly and not crash.

It's a 2.75" length of BT-50 left over from my last order with three large symmetrical fins of 3/32" balsa. They're 2.75" long at the root and 1.5" at the tip and 1.75" wide. They're reinforced with CA and wood glue as even with the huge fins it falls fast and hard with a 24mm casing inside. They are colored black with Sharpie as is the end of the 24mm engine block; the tube and inside of the block are Sharpied red. I didn't paint it because painting is hard and sloppy and time-consuming and adds too much weight to be worthwhile for a basic booster like this.

I'm calling it the Vampire.

Here's my feeble attempt at drawing it in Paint:

I've been working on my new rocket glider, codenamed OV10. (If you figure out the reference you'll get an idea as to its looks.) I'll take lots of construction photos and post an article on EMRR.

I'm currently rebuilding my main glider. Right now I have the struts and fins rebuilt, I'll work on the hook, wing, and stab tonight.

I repaired a bit of damage - detached shock cord mount - to Frankenstein. Although I'll still try to loose it on a C6-0 / C6-7, I'm also going to use it for a research vehicle, perhaps to loft parasite gliders or payloads.

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