Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reading through webcomics

There are thousands of webcomics out there. However, there are very few that are geeky, smart and truly, side-splittingly funny. I've read through the entire archives of 6 different webcomics and am working on a seventh.
The first one I read through was Mother Goose and Grimm. It is a mainstream newpaper comic, but until 2006 it did not run in my local paper and so I read through 11 years, about 4017 comics, plus around another 1000 in the editorial archives. It is a bit more intellectual and highbrow than, say, Family Circus, and many of its references are mildly geeky.
I think the next comic I read all the way through was Irregular Webcomic!. Despite the name, David Morgan-Mar has made 2183 strips since the end of 2002. It's very geeky humor in a variety of themes. Many of the strips make very highbrow jokes that are then explained in the educational annotations, which I learn a lot from.
Next came Casey and Andy. It's ended now after 666 strips, but I am proud to say that I was around to notice when it ended. It's full of geeky humor, unexplained resurrections, and of course the author's avatar dating a hilarious female Satan.
The best geek webcomic of all time is XKCD. Although a relative newcomer at 531 strips, it's absurd, entertaining, and full of incredibly obscure geek references. Which I get, sadly.
One I just discovered a few days ago is Men in Hats. It's the story of six guys in hats (plus, once, the sandwich vendor) who walk around the desert being philosophical and Aram (the predecessor of the black hat guy from XKCD) being evil. It's discontinued now after around 120 strips.
Currently, I am reading my way through about 1800 strips of Questionable Content. It's a comic about a indie rock guy, his girlfriend, his anthropomorphic robots, and a cast of other interesting characters. I'm only 100 strips in, but I have a feeling I'll read through the entire thing by monday.
Update: I'm at 181 strips now, and QC is a bit NSFW. Not that bad, but a bit off-the-wall sometimes. Just a warning.


mandachan said...

am i like the only stupid one who doesn't know what NSFW is?

and you gotta admit that the get fuzzy comics recently were pretty funny

The EGE said...

NSFW = not safe for work. QC is not really NSFW - it's just got some mildly adult humor and situations in it.

Maelstrom said...

It took me a while to catch up to current on QC, and when I did I was pretty disappointed that I had to wait each weekday for a new one.