Saturday, January 3, 2009

Parts list for Lego rocket

I'll try to figure out a Lego CAD program, someday. For now, an inventory and maybe some construction pics.
Part #s and info from Peeron
Body, MMT, and fins:
Part #QuantityDescription
3010661x4 brick
3622141x3 brick
300461x2 brick
300541x1 brick
300981x6 brick
300322x2 brick
371041x4 plate
346041x8 plate
302222x2 plate**
3040161x2 45-degree slope
370121x4 Technic brick
430932Axle pin with friction
320132#1 axle coupler
243141x4 tile

The 2x2 plates must be disposable as they will likely be melted by the engine's exhaust.
For the Nose 'Cone':

Part #QuantityDescription
300421x2 brick
362211x3 brick
300322x2 brick
300212x3 brick
300142x4 brick
303114x4 plate
304841x2 end peak
407311x1 cylinder plate
394122x2 cylinder
????1Plain minifigure head

24" string or shock cord
12 or 18 inch parachute

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