Sunday, January 11, 2009

OV10 Update

What is currently code-named the OV10 is a rocket glider, 18mm, that uses no radio control, burn strings, sliding wings, or elevators. Instead, it uses a boost pod that telescopes inside the glider body to make a CG shift. It'll make more sense when I have pictures.

I cut a few of the tube parts during the week, but nothing else. I cut the 2 wing halves, 2 tail booms, 2 fins, and 1 stabilizer today. Tonight I've started on the gluing. The glider section - the above balsa parts (3/32") plus 3" of BT-50 is currently CAed together. I unfortunately bought very thin CA, so it took a few tries to get the wing together.

Currently, I have wood glue fillets drying in the stabilizer-fin and body-wing joints. In about 9 hours when I wake up, I'll flip it over, add fillets on the other wing-body and wing-boom joints, add the launch lug and maybe a landing skid, and I'm done with the glider. Then I'll assemble the BT-20, BNC-20, 4 centering rings, and engine hook of the pod and be done with assembly. Then I've got to balance the glider, glide-test, trim, repair, etc.

I don't plan to paint it because paint interferes with the glide characteristics and the sliding pod motion. With any luck, it'll fly next weekend or at CATO on the 24th.

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