Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OV10, smoke, and QC

I'm starting to rebuild the power pod of my OV10. The balsa nose cone I bought online is fairly beat up already; I suspect it was made out of fairly soft balsa. After glide testing and 1 more flight, it'll need replacing with one of my homemade cones, which use fairly hard balsa. The hard balsa makes it a pain in the ass (figuratively) and in the wrist (literally) to sand, but I suspect they'll hold up to the stresses of flight well.
When I went to put a ring of CA on the rim of it for stiffening, a bit of smoke came up. I know that CA will produce an exothermic (read: heat-producing, smoke-making, clothes-burning) reaction with cotton, but unless it reacted with the marker used to color the balsa it should have been fine.
I need to cut an engine block, glue that in, glue on the aft centering/slide-restaining ring and engine hook, balance, glue on the forward ring, cut 2 vent holes, glide-test, and fly. The construction should be done tomorrow, I'll fly it the next time I fly.
I finished reading though the Questionable Content archives today - all 1322. It's now on my daily link list.


mandachan said...

wait, what's CA?
and i know what exothermic means, and i'm probably the dumbest person who reads this.

The EGE said...

CA is cyanoacrylate - superglue.