Monday, January 12, 2009

OV10 Finished!

I've finally got my OV10 finished! That is, glued together, balanced, glide-tested, repaired, fingers glued together, and re-repaired. It's currently ready for launch on a B6-2, which should take it to about 300 feet with ejection just before.
The pod slides about 2", which is probably not enough for 1-caliber boost stability, so the first flight or two will be heads-up experimental; i.e, I will be the only person there except for a parent taking pictures from 50 feet away.
Since it's a rocket glider and therefore has to carry the empty motor casing and boost pod, it's rather larger than my other gliders with a 13" wingspan versus 9" for the other glider pictured below. My heavy Scissor-wing Transport and Transwing both have larger wingspans although both drop their pods. The wing has 27 in2 of area; the stabilizer has 12.
Perhaps the best part of the OV10 - I still need name suggestions, by the way - is its reflight capability. It has no parachute or streamer than needs wadding, needs repacking, or gets burned. All I do is unwrap the masking tape holding the motor to the hook, remove it, stick in a new one, wrap it, and slide the pod forward. Since it has no parachute or streamer that sticks in the cold, it can be flown in temperatures down to about 10 degrees F, at which point I have to wear gloves so big I can't hook up the igniter and flying is impossible.
Note the wrapper of tape around the nose cone. I need to keep the nose securely on so the ejection charge doesn't push it off, but I need to be able to remove it after flight to keep the clay weight on securely. The balsa nose is beat up after glide testing; use a plastic nose if you build your own.
I'll post a parts list and assembly guidelines soon.
This is 'Glider 2', the second glider designed for my 18mm boost pod. It didn't deserve a post of its own. Note the cedar body (yay leftover house shingles) and bit of clay on the left wingtip so it'll circle.
Boost position.
Glide position.
The glider from the front. A few things of note:
The launch lug is off-center to make room for the hook. The launch rod will actually run under the tail so the wires, tail, and rod don't tangle.
There is a small flap on the right wing for stability. I accidentally put that wing on a bit crooked.
The copious amounts of wood glue for strength.
Any comments?

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mandachan said...

2 things:
1. is the first one made out of a toothbrush? that's gross.
2. what's this, the one-time-use series? i could break one of those. and you know me, i can't do much damage to anything.

not quite what you wanted for comments, huh? haha :)

mandachan said...

and going back to your music post, i had "sweet caroline" stuck in my head during ceramics. we kinda started a class singalong (or at least me, katie craig, brittanny mccoy and some random dude from dan's soccer team)

The EGE said...

1) It's not a toothbrush. The part at front is a glider hook slot. A hook of the boost pod holds the glider during boost but releases it for glide.
2) Yes, you probably could. But balsa and cardboard hold up a lot better than you'd think. The OV10 is fairly fragile, but I plan to only fly it two, maybe three times. For now. By then, I'll have a newer, better rocket glider design.