Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Pictures!

I plan to submit EMRR reviews of my Mongoose, IT, and Cohete today. Here are the static pictures of each I took today:


Here's my Mongoose and its booster. Note the charring on the booster from when it fell off the bottom of the Lego rocket and the yellow launch lug, formerly of my destroyed Space Bus.

A view into the booster. Note the lack the an engine tube; I removed it after it crumpled and the motor is simply held in place by the centering rings.
The front of Cohete with a 13mm casing for scale.
The entire rocket. The stickfin is 3 times the body's length but 1/20th the weight.

An oblique view.
The top of IT. Note the grass implaed on the motor tube.
The bottom of IT. Note the drilled hole for the rod.
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mandachan said...

that last one looks like a drain plug.
and the yellow and pink one looks like a giant crayon.

The EGE said...

Can you ever be nice, thoughful, or intelligent about anything; or do you feel your purpose on Earth is to decrease the intelligence level of the entire internet?

The EGE said...

But, the big one does look a bit like a crayon. People actually make high-powered rockets out of those big crayon banks.

mandachan said...

no, i looked at the picture of that last rockety thing and couldn't figure out what it was until i read the captions. i only called it a drain plug 'cause i couldn't figure out what it was.
and just because you write about higher-level crap than i do doesn't mean you have to specifically say i'm dumb.
and what's a crayon bank?

The EGE said...

Here's a few examples: