Monday, January 26, 2009

Lots o' pictures

My dad's camera is nice. 5.5 megapixel photos and pretty good focusing.

SpaceShipOne with a yardstick for comparison.
Another shot of it on the floor. This one strikes me as very aesthetically pleasing for some reason.


Standing tall. About 39" or so.

A close-up of the fins.

On the left is the plastic, washable, indestructible Jinx, and on the right the high-flying (has flown on a C6 and B6/B6) SPEV named Frankenstein. Both are 4FNC (like 3FNC, but with an extra fin), reasonably not not incredibly high-flying, tumble-recovery rockets. Good for a first flight to test the wind and your GSE. Jinx is a 13mm bird, Frankenstein has an 18mm mount.


My three principal payload carriers. From L-->R: Cosmic Cobra, ruler, Astrocam, Alexi Leonov.

I have to link to my mom's photo of the day here. An absolutely great picture of a squirrel caught red-pawed.

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