Monday, January 5, 2009


You'll notice I've added a handy-dandy little meter to the upper right to tell you if the LHC has destroyed the Earth yet. If the 10-28 probability actually happens, I'll be safe up here in my blogging balloon.

For an extra couple of milliseconds, anyway.


Maelstrom said...


mandachan said...

call me stupid (hey, it wouldn't be a surprise), but what's LHC? don't look at me like that! you can't expect stupid people like me to automatically know what you're talking about!

The EGE said...

Large Hadron Collider, basically a giant atom smasher.. The paranoid idiots of the world who don't realize that proton-size black holes can't actually swallow the earth think it's going to kill us all and have actually sued to try and stop it.