Friday, January 2, 2009

Lego Rocket!

As any regular readers know, I will build rockets out of anything - scrap balsa, pens, nose cone parts, empty engine casings, posterboard, even easter eggs. Now, I have made an entire 18mm / 24mm rocket out of legos, save the shock cord and chute. A three-stud-wide space will comfortably hold a 24mm casing, which can fit an 18mm motor inside. The rocket is 5 studs (~1.6") wide by 27 studs - about 10 inches - tall. It weighs about half a pound, so it'll need a C or D motor. I'll try a C6-3.
A few challenges:
  • Engine block - a few 2x2 bricks that partially block the tube. Simple and effective.

  • Motor retention: not needed. The 24mm engine fits very tightly in the tube.

  • Fins: 1 stud wide, held on with 2 1x8 bricks. They use sloped pieces for looks and aerodynamics.

  • Launch lugs: Technic pieces attached with the funny blue pins.

  • Shock cord attachment: tied thru 1x4 technic block (also holds upper launch lug) and tied thru hole in 2x2 cylinder to attach to the nose cone not quite so blunt end.


Dick said...

Whaaaaat, no photos?

The EGE said...

They're coming.