Monday, January 5, 2009

Launch Report #13

With Pictures! (Click on any to embiggen)
Every motor (all 6) I flew today was a B6. I flew 4 rockets (plus the Hi booster and the Mongoose booster) on 6 motors on 4 flights, for 30Ns (mid E).

First came my Lego rocket on with the Mongoose booster on a B6-0/B6-4 combo. FAIL. It made it about 20 feet up on the booster, ignited the second stage, staggered up 10 feet and over about 30, fell to the ground, and ejected. The Mongoose booster actually fell off at ignition; it's on the ground in the photo. I recovered all the Lego pieces, though, and the concept works. I'll either try it on a D12-0 / C6-3 combo or mooch a D12-3 or E9-4 off someone at CATO.


Next came Pigasus on a B6-4. It flew fell, turning into a little pink dot. The streamer melted a bit and it came down a bit hard, loosening one fin. A bit of CA repaired it. This is it on the pad just before ignition.


Next came Frankenstein, my SPEV made from a broken rocket, a bit of BT-50, and an 18mm engine mount tube. I flew in on a B6-0/B6-6 with the Hi booster. It flew great to probably 700 feet. The nose cone separated from the body; the body glided a bit and both parts fell within 150 feet of the pad. I'll try to lose it sometime on a C6-0/C6-7.
Finally came my Christmas present, a GBU-24 Paveway III, on a B6-4. It was absolutely perfect. I'd estimate about 350 feet, with ejection about a second past. I used my homemade 12" chute and it unfolded perfectly despite the 40°F weather. It was awesome to see that orange square way up there with my rocket under it. I even caught it on the run.
So far, I've burned 53 motors in 46 flights in 24 distinct rockets for 4.48 Ns (mid-high B) per motor and 5.17 Ns (low C) per flight, for a total of 237.64 Ns (low-mid H).

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