Friday, January 2, 2009

Launch Report #12

First launch of the new year, but not a terribly exciting one. I can't launch anything big right now due to a shortage of motors till my order comes, but I had an extra MMX motor and plenty of Estes igniters.
I flew RNGbane the Valkyrie on said Micromaxx motor. She flew about 60 feet up, ejected, and hit a tree, breaking off the left canard. She half-flopped, half-glided into a snowbank, saving herself from any further damage.
The more important thing, though, was the successful ignition. Normal MMX igniters are just bare nichrome (Nickel-Chromium) wire, which works fine with the special MMX launch system but not mine. The special Quest MMX launch ssystem uses 4 C or D cells, which gives more current for igniting the motor with just the wire. Estes igniters don't need C or D cells, just 4 AAs, and a skinny one will ignite the motor quickly with a high success rate.

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